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Let's be real, every one of us have had our bad hair days, and those days can make you feel so unattractive. The saying, "hair is a woman's beauty" is so true- great hair can make any face or outfit pop. But getting your hair just right each and every day can be a chore no? Some days we just want to wake up looking beautiful, but our hair always seems to need work.

Well I am here to tell you that doesn't need to be the case. The saying "less is more" applies as much to hair as it does to skin care. Most of us don't want to have to do the most each and every day. I am definitely most of us. I confess, I comb (brush) my hair once per week (at most). And no, I don't have braids, plaits or wear wigs. My hair is either in an afro or in a bun. I'm definitely lazy when it comes to my hair, and prefer low maintenace styles. I prefer a messy bun to a sleek ponytail. So I now wash and twist my hair using the Idunns Basket Detangling & Curl Defining Leave in Conditioner, then lock in the moisture with the Idunns Basket Castor Oil & Aloe Hair Oil Souffle. After this dries I untwist and I might wear my hair in an afro on the first day or two then it's up in a bun til next wash day. And next wash day all I do is wash and repeat. Dependng on my mood, I might detangle in the shower with a conditioner or I might detangle afterwards using the Idunns Basket Detangling & Curl Defining Leave in Conditioner. I only use my fingers and a Denman's (D3- 7 rows) brush to detangle - I've not used a comb in years- Denman's works to detangle and helps define curls like you wouldn't believe.

I've long stopped slicking my edges and embraced the soft curls of my baby hair. I found a silk bonnet that was big enough for my bun by a lovely black owned company- @melaroots_uk- and now I pull it on (and it stays on) each night and whip it off the next day. If it's in a good enough state, I fluff up the ends and go. Sometimes if its a little dry- and usually this only happens when I've extended wash day a little- I might need to add some Idunns Basket AloeShea Hair Spray or my Idunns Basket Detangling and Curl Defining Leave in Conditioner. Sometimes I might even brush the sides and redo my bun- but it is ALWAYS a loose bun (I use some plastic spiral hair bands I got from Amazon that don't break or break the hair). If my hair needs a little shine I will use the Idunns Basket Castor Oil & Aloe Hair Oil Souffle instead. Some days I use nothing as I find my hair is usually moisturised enough for days.

I've been natural for about 4 years now- did the big chop in 2017 and haven't looked back since. I stopped using combs around a year and a half in- 2018- and my hair has thanked me immensely. In that time I've blow dried my hair maybe 6 or so times- no more than twice a year- and I regurlarly get a trim- every four months works for my hair, depending on the level of split ends- the more frequent the trims, the less split ends and more growth I experience. I recently had a silk press, simply because I needed a trim and knew that that would involve a blow dry. So I had not seen my hair straight in 4 years, and had no idea what the true length was. When I did the big chop it was so short I couldn't make a ponytail so I had to do little cornrows and wear wigs. So when I saw the growth it was confirmation that my hair loved my products and routine. I've found what works for me (AND my hair) and it didn't require any extraordinary feats of effort. So, as with your skin, just pay attention- your hair will let you know what it does or doesn't like- it will complain by being itchy, dry, brittle etc. or it will be happy and grow like a plant that just wants regular watering and a little care.

Wishing you lots of love and growth,

Idunns Basket x

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. Only links to Idunns Basket products are affiliated to Idunns Basket.

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