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Understanding your skin's needs

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Knowing what to use and what not to use on your skin can be difficult enough. Or perhaps it might seem quite simple. And it is definitely both. But understanding your individual skin needs is key to knowing what is best for your skin.

Most of us have one of four skin types, normal, oily, combination or sensitive... or a combination of them all depending on the weather and our overall health. Knowing your skin type is crucial to knowing what products to use but that's not all.

Have you ever considered that perhaps your skin type is a result of your skincare routine rather than the drive? Using a product that promises to fix your oily T zone might seem to work at first but then it ends up drying out your skin so your skin tries to rebalance by producing more oils, thus making your issue worse.

So what's the answer? Try using gentle, balancing products with natural ingredients that works with your skin's natural biome. The same product can help dry skin become more supple, oily skin more mattified and sensitive skin less irritated.

When choosing what to use for your specific skincare needs try choosing products that meet these 7 criteria:

  1. Natural

  2. Gentle

  3. Balancing

  4. Contains easily absorbent natural oils

  5. Has ingredients you can pronounce

  6. Has no nasty chemicals

  7. Has a high percentage of active ingredients


This last one is super important. Most big brands claim to contain active ingredients that really only make up 1% of the total product. Hence why natural skin care seems to work wonders in comparison. It really is no secret that natural works. That's why our ethos is if it's not good enough to put inside you, it's not good enough to put on your skin and in your hair.

That being said, remember to drink lots of water and include as many fresh fruits and green leafy veg in your diet as possible. Healthy skin starts within.

Wishing you beautiful, happy skin

With love

Idunns Basket x

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